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2024 WNHA Symposium

The details

Location: Live USS Midway Museum, 910 N. Harbor Dr. San Diego, CA 
Cost to attend live is $60. Admission is included in WNHA membership. Attendance includes beverages and lunch both days.  The event will be streamed live and some presentations will be virtual. 

Program (all times Pacific Standard):
Mixer: Friday 16 February 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. On board: Fantail, USS Midway
Saturday 17 February 9:30 check in
10 am: Keynote Address, 11 am - 5 pm: Workshops & Presentations
Sunday 18 February 10:00 am - 5:00 pm: Workshops & Presentations


The program this year is a mix of workshops and historical  presentations. Live presentations include: 

David Kohnen, Director of Hattendorf Center for Maritime Historical Research, author of  21st Century Knox): "The Fight for History”
Denise Rucker-Krepp (Naval History and Heritage Command): "200 Years of Women in the Navy”
Bernard Cole (Professor National War College, author of Great Wall at Sea):"Transition from History to Novels”
Trent Hone (Independent Historian, author of Mastering the Art of Command, Admiral Chester Nimitz and Victory in the Pacific): "Fog, Friction and War in WWII”
Christopher Perry (Professor, Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham): “World War One in the Pacific”
Brian Walter (Independent Historian, author of Blue Water War):  "British Pacific Fleet Task Force 37 Strikes on Japan”
Kevin Delamer, (1990 Pilot of the Year, ASW Squadron Twelve, Professor of Strategy, NWC): "USS Midway in Desert Storm”
Thomas M. Duffy (Senior FSO, U.S. Department of State) "Counter-Piracy Operations Off Somalia”
Mike Lonnecker (past president, San Diego Ship Modelers’ Guild): "Building Wooden Ship Models" 
Jon Southard (Designer of games including Carrier: The Southwest Pacific): "How Improved History Can Improve Wargame Design:  "The Case of Carrier Fighting in the Pacific, 1942-1944" 

Invited speakers include
Richard Frank (Independent Historian, author of many works, most recently Tower of Skulls).
Edward Marolda (past Senior Historian of the Navy, winner of the Dudley Knox Naval History Lifetime Achievement Award and author of twelve works). 
Andrew Lambert (Laughton Professor of Naval History, King’s College London, most recently author of The British Way of War.

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