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2023 WHNA Symposium

The 2023 program featured workshops and historical presentations including:

  • Dr. Norman Friedman, Keynote Speaker. Dr. Friedman is a prominent international defense analyst and naval historian. He is the author of the Cold War history The Fifty-Year War and over forty other books.

  • Captain Jim Bryant (USN Ret.) “Evolution of U.S. Nuclear Submarines from Nautilus to Thresher.” Bryant is the former skipper of USS Guardfish (SSN-612) and a returning speaker.

  • David Kohnen and Geoffrey Till. These historical dreadnoughts from King’s College and the Naval War College discussed the centennial of Julian S. Corbett’s death and his influence on naval history and the philosophy of Sea Power.

  • Commander Terry McKearney (USN Ret.) “The Solomon Islands Campaign.” McKearney, a former SWO and Proceedings author, considered several aspects of the campaign.

  • Eric Mills. “Writing for Naval History Magazine.” Mills is the editor of this renown Naval Institute publication

  • Drachinifel. “The New Naval History: running a history YouTube channel.” Drachinifel is a self-described Naval Histriographer. His channel had over 406,000 subscribers at the time of the symposium.

  • Stephen McLaughlin. “Designing Warships for Stalin.” McLaughlin is the author of the recently reprinted classic, Russian and Soviet Battleships.

  • Karl Zingheim: “Disaster at Point Honda.” Mr. Zingheim is an author and the USS Midway Museum Historian. This covered the largest peace time loss of U.S. Navy ships in a single incident.

  • Jeremy Mazur: “Conducting Oral History Interviews.” Mr. Mazur, WNHA Board Member and MCRD Museum associate, discussed techniques, tools, and tips for recording and preserving oral history. 

  • Other speakers included Kathleen Broome Williams, author of Measure of a Man: My Father, the Marine Corps and Saipan; author and editor John Burtt, and Dave Winkler of the Naval Historical Center.

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