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Expanding Naval History VI

The WNHA's 2024  Symposium will be held live on board USS Midway.

There will be a social mixer on Friday 16 from 6:00-8:00 pm and the Symposium itself will be held on Saturday & Sunday 17-18  February 9 am to 5 pm each day

Recorded presentations from past symposiums are on our YouTube channel. For more details about 2024 click the button below

A non-profit association for the study and promulgation of naval history

The Western Naval History Association (WNHA) is a nonprofit membership organization open to all individuals with an interest in naval history through academic or professional affiliation, publications, interests in ship modeling, naval war gaming, or association with family or veterans, or through personal interest.



A Bit of Background

The Western Naval History Association’s mission is to advance the practice of, and interest in, naval history by creating a congenial community of like-minded scholars and enthusiasts and providing its members with a forum to share resources and knowledge.

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                                OUR GOALS

The WNHA's activities, current and planned, include:

  • Sponsor or cosponsor an annual meeting and conference on selected topics in naval history

  • Sponsor regional chapters in western localities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Monterey, and Seattle

  • Publish a periodical or newsletter

  • Seek to affiliate with existing organizations, such as the Naval War College and the

    Naval Institute, as well as west coast maritime museums and veterans associations to advance the WNHA's mission and goals, and to assist such organizations in meeting their goals

  • Provide speaker services to organizations, schools or professional groups

  • Provide resources to members. These may include but are not limited to:

    • Participation in conferences

    • Peer review services

    • Library/research cooperation

    • Networking

  • Provide mentoring for emerging historians and students academic credentials.



The WNHA believes that naval historians and enthusiasts on the west coast are an “under-served community” in contrast to those in the Newport-Annapolis-Norfolk-Washington DC corridor. There are no associations or groups devoted exclusively to naval history in the western United States. No symposia or conferences devoted exclusively to naval history are conducted on the West Coast and East Coast conferences are out of reach of many people interested in naval history. Moreover, most of the conferences that already exist are aimed at a professional/academic audience, whereas naval history is a discipline that has always welcomed and encouraged amateur historians—and indeed, many outstanding works of naval history have been written by authors who had no academic or professional standing.


Ballast Point, San Diego by John Charles Roach. Source: Naval History and Heritage Command

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