Expanding Naval History II

Saturday, 29 Feb. - Sunday, 1 Mar. 2020

USS Midway Museum

910 North Harbor Drive

San Diego CA 92101

Free Museum access for paid symposium attendees

University of Midway class room and symposium location

West 2020

The West 2020 Convention, co-sponsered by Naval Institute will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from  2-3 March. Admission is free although registration is required. For more information see their website at 

Speakers and Activities 

Keynote Speaker: Richard B. Frank



  • Dr. Bernard Cole, National War College

  • James Hornfischer, (invited), Neptune’s Inferno

  • Charles MacVean, Captain USN (ret). “Recollections of a Cold War sub skipper.”

  • Stephen McLaughlin, Russian and Soviet Battleships. “Russian SIGNIT in World War I”

  • Dr. David J. Ulbrich, Norwich Univ. "USMC & the dawn of amphibious operations

  • Dr. Sam Tangredi, Naval War College.

  • Dr. Dorothy Watson, National War College. "How History Vivifies Joint Professional Military Education".

  • Michael Whitby, Senior Naval Historian, Canadian DND. “Cold War submarine intelligence operations.”

  • Mark Fiorey,  Deputy Director, Hattendorf Historical Center. "U.S. Navy and Operation Passage to Freedom during the partition of Vietnam, 1954-55."


  • Topics in Cold War Naval History. 

    • Rear Admiral Michael McDevitt, Michael Whitby, Mark Fiorey, Karl Zingheim, and Sam J. Tangredi



  • Lonnie Gill, General Quarters. “Naval Wargaming”

  • Richard Russell, Director of the Naval Institute Press: "Writing for Naval Institute"

  • Vince O’Hara, Six Victories, “Making maps for publication.”

  • Robert Stern, Battleship Holiday. “Photography to illustrate books and articles.”

  • Karl Zingheim, USS Midway. “Dioramas/modeling.”

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